How Much Does A Gum Graft Cost?

You can think of a gum graft as like plastic surgery for your gums. It’s a surgery that’s used to treat more advanced cases of gum recession. Either a dentist or periodontist (a dentist who specializes in the treatment of gum disease) will perform the procedure.

Gum recession affects between 4% an 12% of adults and occurs when the tissue surrounding your teeth starts to pull away from a tooth. This exposes more of the tooth and can even expose the tooth root. And in severe cases, potentially can cause damage to supporting bone.

How Much Does A Gum Graft Cost?  $900 per tooth +/-

The range of price of a gum graft runs from $600 – $1200 . This is for a procedure that focuses on a small area around one tooth.

What you end up paying for a gum graft will be determined by a few factors. One is the type of tissue used. If the tissue comes from a tissue bank, it will generally cost more than tissue that’s harvested from your own mouth. The region of the country where you live as well as the skill level of the dentist or periodontist that performs the procedure will affect the cost as well.

Because gum graft surgery is often necessary to repair damage to the mouth and prevent future issues, dental insurance will often pick up some of the cost of the procedure.

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