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How Much Does Gum Contouring Cost?

Gum contouring helps even out your gum line. So instead of a gum line that looks like the Himalayas, you can have one that looks more like gently rolling hills.

Whether or not to have gum contouring done is a personal decision. It’s more about looks than improving oral health.

If you have uneven gums, it could be due to gum recession (possibly caused by periodontal disease). Or uneven gums may be caused by certain health problems, some prescription medications or genetics.

How Much Does Gum Contouring Cost?  $1500 +/-

The range of price for gum contouring runs from $50 – $3000.

What you end up paying for a gum contouring will be determined by a few factors. One is whether you just need the contouring done above a single tooth (in which case you’ll be on the lower end of the cost range listed above) or the entire gum line (in which case you’ll be on the upper end of the price range).

How the procedure is done also affects the cost of gum contouring. A dentist could either use a scalpel, a laser or radio-surgery to perform the procedure.

The region of the country where you live as well as the skill level of the dentist or periodontist that performs the procedure will affect the cost as well.

Because gum contouring is done for cosmetic reasons, dental insurance generally will not pick up some of the cost of the procedure.

To find a dentist or periodontist near you that performs gum contouring and get a cost estimate based on your situation, search our listings here.