Understanding Gum Grafts

Exactly what is a gum graft?

You can think of it as plastic surgery for your gums. A cosmetic dentist or periodontist will perform gum graft surgery to treat highly advanced cases of gum recession.

In this video we dig deeper into what a gum graft is. We also cover the different types of gum graft procedures (there are 3 different types that are commonly performed).

The video covers each of these 3 procedures. You’ll learn a little bit about how each is performed. You’ll also learn the advantages of each type of gum graft and some of their advantages.

Of course just by watching this video, you won’t be able to determine whether you need a gum graft and, if you do, which type is most appropriate for your situation.

To get that info, you’ll need to consult with a periodontist or dentist in your area that does gum grafting.