What Is A Prosthodontist?

A Prosthodontist is one of those big, fancy medical terms that many people don’t understand. In this article, we’re going to clear up any confusion you may have so you know what a Prosthodontist is.

What is a Prosthodontist?

Quite simply a prosthodontist is a dentist with a lot of extra training and skills. Their specialty is in dealing with dental problems that involve missing teeth or jaw structures.

Called the architects of the smile by some, prosthodontists focus on the things that go into creating a picture perfect smile… teeth, gums, lips and other facial features.

Extra Dental Training

A Prosthodontist undergoes an extra 2 – 4 years of advanced training at an American Dental Association (ADA) approved program after they finish dental school. Because of their extra training, they are one of 9 ADA recognized specialties (and the only one that pertains to what is commonly known as cosmetic dentistry).

The years of extra training makes them highly proficient in a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Prosthodontic Treatments

These include things like dental implants, veneers, dentures, crowns and bridges. Prosthodontists are also skilled in treating temporomadibular disorders (TMJ/TMD), congenital disorders and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

The often accomplish their treatments through planning and fabricating various prostheses (hence the term prosthodontist).

THE Cosmetic Dentistry Experts

With their advanced education and training, Prosthodontists are considered to be THE experts in the restoration and replacement of teeth. And, particularly when you have a particularly complex case, it’s recommended you see a Prosthodontist as opposed to a general or family dentist.

Because they deal with a lot of the complex cases, they often develop and quarterback dental treatment plans for their patients. In this role, they’ll lead a team of general dentists, laboratories, as well as other specialists and health care professionals.

Their specialized skill set can be a challenge to find. There are just over 3200 prosthodontists practicing in the United States as compared to over 170,000 general dentists.

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