The 5 Best Teeth Whitening Treatments

Best is a loaded term. Ask someone from Boston who the best team in baseball is and you’ll get a very different answer than if you ask someone from New York.

So when you’re looking to find the “best” teeth whitening product, you have to know what the term “best” means to you.

Could be the one that leaves your teeth looking whiter than the creme inside and Oreo cookie .

Could be the one that lives up to the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm and is the safest option for your mouth.

Price could factor into the equation. In this case the “best” would refer to value – where you get the whitest teeth for the least amount of money.

In this article, we present 5 of the best teeth whitening treatments around. Four of them come from THE place where you can easily find the “best” of anything… Amazon! The fifth, well, you’ll just have to read to the end to find out!

Teeth Whitening Powder

When looking at the reviews on Amazon, one product came out on top. It’s cheap (only about $15), safe and does a good job according to reviewers who have given it a perfect 5 star rating.

The product is the Charcoal natural teeth whitening powder.

The manufacturer claims it’s perfectly safe for your teeth, gums, enamel, etc. It also is recommended for those how have sensitive teeth.

This stuff is basically a charcoal powder you brush your teeth with. A bunch of people comment about how clean using this powder makes their teeth feel.

There’s one thing to keep in mind here. Brushing your teeth with a powder can feel just plain weird. Especially when we’re pretty much all trained on using paste. So this does take some getting used to. But everyone seems to adapt to the weird sensation pretty quickly and, once they do, they love this teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening Kit

Not a fan of powder?

Well, perhaps a kit might be more up your alley.

If so, give the AuraGlow Radiant Effects Teeth Whitening Kit a try. It’s the highest rated teeth whitening kit on Amazon. It’s got a 5 star review – with 98% of people giving it 5 stars and 2% giving it a still respectable 4 stars.

This is a gel based product that comes with trays. The key thing about these trays is that they are moldable to fit the shape of your teeth. This is important to make sure the gel hits all the right spots.

This product should be used for 30 minutes a day for about 1 – 2 weeks.

Also, it just flat out works. And works quickly. One reviewer claims that he/she noticed whiter teeth just 8 hours after the first treatment.

While more expensive than powder, strips and toothpaste, the AuraGlow kit is less expensive than the trays you’d get from your dentist.

Best Teeth Whitening Strips

Like the idea of strips?  Then check out the DentaPro2000 At Home Professional Teeth Whitening Strips.

One of the main things people like about these strips is you only have to wear them for 30 minutes. Many other strips have to stay in for an hour or so.

These strips are also quite sticky so they won’t slide all over like a greased potato in a baking dish. People are happy that they stay in place.

People are also happy with these strips being easy to use and that they really work. These also work pretty quickly with many seeing results after just 3 treatments.

Best Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Not interested in gels, trays or strips? Then a tooth whitening toothpaste may be more to your liking.

Freshine Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste is the highest rated on Amazon.

The makers of this toothpaste claims it’ll do more than whiten your teeth. It will also help with bad breath and eliminate tartar and plaque.

This paste has a minty flavor that people like. Many also appreciate that it contains no fluoride or a bunch of the chemicals found in many other brands of toothpaste.

One thing that may take some getting used to is this toothpaste is black. Despite the black color of the toothpaste, many who use do say that it does make their teeth whiter. Some see whiter teeth after brushing their teeth just 2 times with this charcoal toothpaste.

In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening

If you’re looking for the best treatment for teeth whitening, however, a trip to your dentist is the place to go.

Most dentists offer teeth whitening treatments to their patients. Yes, it will generally cost more than the DIY options but the treatment is more effective and longer lasting.

Professional teeth whitening involves applying a strong bleaching agent to your teeth. Much stronger than the stuff you can get to use at home.

A dentist will also be able to protect your gums, enamel, etc. from the bleaching material to make sure you don’t do more harm than good when trying to whiten your own teeth.

You also want to keep in mind that the kits, gels, strips, etc. you use at home generally require ongoing treatment to keep your pearly whites, well, white. Professional treatment options at the dentist’s office can last for a year or more.

Bottom line on the Best Teeth Whitening Treatments

We’ve give you some good options to try at home. They’re inexpensive and a lot of people have been happy with the results. So, by all means, check them out.

But, if you’re really looking for the “best” teeth whitening option… Go see your dentist!