Straighter Teeth For $1000s Less Than Invisalign or Braces?

Unless you’re blessed with good genetics (be sure to thank mom and pop if you are!), getting straight teeth isn’t cheap.

For years, wire braces were the only game in town. Average price you’re looking at there is around $5000.

Then along came Invisalign©… Clear, plastic aligners that you can wear with very few people ever noticing them. They’re not cheap either with prices ranging from $3500 – $8000.

A new startup, however, is looking to bring straight teeth to the masses.

Candid Co is now offering clear, plastic 3D printed aligners starting around $1995.

Similar to Invisalign

The Candid aligners seem very similar to what Invisalign offers.

They are clear, plastic aligners. You’ll get a series of them to wear, in sequence, until your teeth are as straight as an arrow.

As with Invisalign, it’s recommended you wear them 22 hours or so a day for them to work well. You can take them out for meals, brushing your teeth, romantic activities, etc. Other than that, however, they should be worn at all times.

What Makes These Aligners Unique?

There are some differences though.

Most notably, there seems to be less interaction with your local dentist for Candid aligners than with Invisalign.

With Candid, you order a $95 Impression Kit that they’ll send you by mail. You’ll use this to take an impression of your teeth and send it back to Candid.

If Candid determines you’re not a good fit for their product, they’ll refund your $95.

If you are a good candidate, their lab creates a custom treatment plan for you. You’ll get a 3D visualization from them that will show you the before and after of how your teeth will look.

From there, they will 3D print your aligners (made from “smooth, comfortable, BPA free plastic”) and send them to you so you can start the treatment. They say, typically, you’ll have to wear your aligners for 3 to 10 months.

At the end of the treatment, they’ll send you a free set of retainers you can wear to make sure you teeth stay straight.

Again, total treatment starts at $1995 and a payment plan is available with payments starting around $88 a month.

This is a new start up and time will tell how effective this product is. But it is certainly an interesting and needed step in the right direction of making cosmetic dentistry treatments more affordable for everyone.