How The All-on-4 Treatment Procedure Works

Have you decided it’s time to do something about those missing teeth?

If you have more than a few teeth that need replacing, then one treatment option to check out is All-on-4© dental implants.

It’s an implant procedure that uses 4 implants to support an entire bridge of teeth. Because only 4 implants are used, it usually costs less than traditional implant procedures if you are missing a lot of teeth.

Here we’re going to look at how the All-on-4 treatment procedure works. This’ll give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to go the All-on-4 route.

The First All-on-4 Treatment Visit

The first step in the All-on-4 treatment process involves a visit to your cosmetic dentist.

During this first visit you may get x-rays, a 3D CT scan as well as a clinical examination.

This isn’t just for kicks or to run the bill up. There’s an important reason to do it all.

Your cosmetic dentist needs to assess the health of your jaw bone. She’ll check for bone loss or other issues and decide whether or not the All-on-4 treatment option is not a good option for you.

If All-on-4 is a good option, the exam will help provide some information to help your cosmetic dentist ensure your All-on-4 treatment is a success.

If it’s full steam ahead with things your dentist will take impressions or molds of your mouth. These are for the lab techs. The techs use these impressions to make the dental bridge that will attach to your implants.

During this first visit, your cosmetic dentist will also discuss the All-on-4 treatment in further detail with and make sure all your questions are answered.

Day of the All-on-4 Treatment

The first thing to do the day you get your implants is to prepare your mouth. Maybe you have a few teeth that still need to get yanked. Maybe there’s some infected tissue in the gum or jaw that has to go (may not sound pleasant, but better out than in!).

After that’s all taken care of the implants are placed. As you know from the name All-on-4, you’ll end up with 4 of them.

Keep in mind that this is a surgical procedure. Once the implants are placed, you’ll get stitched up and cleaned up. This is to limit the risk of infection and promote proper healing.

Once you get a chance to rest up for a bit, a temporary bridge will be attached to the implants so you’ll go home with a full set of pearly whites. Your cosmetic dentist will adjust the bridge for comfort, bite and fit.

Once you’re happy and feeling good, it’s time to go home.

Post All-on-4 Treatment Care

Post op care after getting your All-on-4 dental implants may include eating soft foods and taking pain meds, antibiotics and/or anti-inflammatories.

Then you’ll need time for the surgery to heal and for the implants to bond with your jaw bone. You’ll have some checkups along the way so your cosmetic dentist can make sure all looks good.

Finally, about 3-6 months after the implant surgery, your implants will have fused with the jaw. At that point you’ll get your final dental bridge and have the full, bright, beautiful smile you were looking for!

To find out more about the All-on-4 treatment procedure and see if you’re a good candidate, you should visit with a local cosmetic dentist and go over things with them. To find a cosmetic dentist near you that specializes in All-on-4, search the listings here.