A Prosthodontist is one of those big, fancy medical terms that many people don’t understand. In this article, we’re going to clear up any confusion you may have so you know what a Prosthodontist is. What is a Prosthodontist? Quite simply a prosthodontist is a dentist with a lot of extra training and skills. Their … Read more

If you ask a prosthodontist what they do the answer you get may be, well, mind-numbingly boring. And not entirely helpful either. Exhibit A for this is the American Dental Association’s (ADA) definition of Prothodontics. (Just to warn you… reading this definition may cause severe drowsiness. Though if you can push through it without doing … Read more

What are prosthodontics?  Have a particularly complex cosmetic dentistry case? Want your work done by a professional that has received the highest level of training possible? If your answer is yes, then a prosthodontist may be exactly what you’re looking for. Only Cosmetic Specialty Recognized By the ADA Prosthodontics is an officially recognized dental specialty … Read more