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How to Get Cheap Dental Implants In The UK

Costs aren’t the only factor to consider when looking for dental implants in the UK. However, they loom large for most people.

And with the average cost of a single dental implant in the UK coming in at an eye-popping £2000 (for the implant, abutment and restoration/crown), it’s easy to understand why there’s a lot of people searching on how to get cheap dental implants.

Here are 5 ways to get cheap dental implants in the UK…

Free Implants On NHS

IF you can demonstrate a clear medical need for dental implants, the NHS may provide them for free.

This is typically for accident or oral cancer victims, but can also extend to children born with oral health issues. Some medical factors also apply: bone health, age, tobacco use and oral hygiene among others.

You should check with your local NHS office to see if you may qualify for free dental work.

Shop Around

Even within the same city, you may find the cost for dental implants may vary widely between cosmetic dentists. If you live in a major city, driving an hour or two to a more rural location can result in big savings.

Doing some research and shopping around is worth some time and effort. When it comes to dental implants, it could literally save you thousands of dollars.

Travel Abroad – Dental Tourism

Dental tourism is a big thing these days with the cost of implants and other cosmetic dentistry procedures so high.

The idea here is to travel to a foreign country where the costs of dental procedures are significantly lower than they are in the UK And, while you’re at it, take a vacation while you recover.

When it comes to dental care, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Thailand are some of the more popular destinations.

Obviously there are some big risks involved with travelling abroad for health or dental care. You have to really do your homework and make sure the provider you choose is trustworthy and reliable.

Dental Discount Plans

Dental discount plans may be a good way to go to save on dental implants and other dental procedures.

With these plans you pay a fee to become a member. Then, when you visit one of the dentists that accept the plan, you can save between 10% – 60% on dental treatment costs.

The great thing about dental discount (also called dental savings) plans is they have no co-pays, no health restrictions, and there’s no annual limit on how many times you can use your plan.

Before signing up for a plan, check out their discounts when it comes to dental implants. Savings will vary from plan to plan, but you can expect to save around 20% or so which can add up to a big chunk of change.

Alternative Options

Dental implants are not the only game in town when it comes to replacing lost teeth.

A tooth supported fixed bridge or removable partial dentures are alternatives that can cost much less than implants. They have their drawbacks though (for example, they tend not to last as long as implants) so you’ll have to weigh those against the cost savings.

Bottom Line on Cheap Dental Implants

Don’t let the sticker shock on dental implants convince you they’re too expensive. Look into the options outlined above and you may find they’re more affordable than you thought.