How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In The UK?

If you have lost a tooth (or multiple teeth) due to poor oral hygiene, poor nutrition or playing rugby, then dental implants are a great option to restore and enhance your smile.

So, how much do dental implants cost in the UK? 

UK Average Dental Implant Cost Per Tooth:  £2000 (with a good range being anywhere from £900 – £2900)

UK Average Cost Range for a Bridge or Full Set of Dental Implants: £25,000

First, understand that there may be a number of things covered in the cost…

Consults with your dentist, x-rays and CT scans, all surgical procedures involved as well as the implant itself.

When you get a price from a dentist, make sure all those things are included. Some dentists may quote just the price of the implant to make the costs sound much lower than they really are.

Second, there is a huge range of prices for dental implants. This range generally reflects the difference in pricing due to:

  • The condition of your mouth (mainly the gums and existing teeth)
  • How many teeth need to be replaced/how many implants you need
  • Where the tooth/teeth that need to be replaced are located in the mouth (often front implants cost a little more than those in the back of the mouth)
  • The materials and type of implant/tooth replacement used
  • Whether you need bone graft or sinus lift surgery
  • Where you live in the UK
  • The experience level of your dentist.

Also, more insurance plans are starting to cover part of the cost of dental implants because they understand the cost benefit of them. So be sure to check with your dental insurance company to see if they’ll pick up part of the tab.

While the costs of implants may sound quite expensive, they may save you quite a bit in the long run. Implants tend to hold up very well over the long term and likely will not need to be replaced in the future. Other tooth replacement options like fixed bridges or removable partial dentures typically don’t last as long as implants.

To find out how much implants will cost for your situation, contact a few local dentists and compare their costs. And, remember, the cheapest options isn’t always the best option.