How Much Is Professional Teeth Whitening

So you’ve tried the gums, toothpastes and strips to get those pearly whites looking their very best. No matter what you’ve tried, however, you’re just not getting the sparkling bright smile you’re looking for.

Perhaps it’s time to call in the professionals. Most cosmetic dentists (and even general dentists) offer in office teeth whitening. The professionals offer more powerful options to make your teeth as white as freshly fallen snow.

First, dentists have access to more powerful bleaching gels than you can use at home. These gels have much higher concentrations of peroxide than the over the counter variety. Higher levels of peroxide come at a risk however (which is why seeing a professional to apply this type of treatment is necessary). To keep you safe, your dentist will use a protective gel which protects your gums from potential chemical exposure.

Often the dentist will also use a laser to activate the bleaching gel. (As cool as it may be, lasers for teeth whitening are not available to use at home!)

The stronger bleaching agent combined with the laser leads to whiter teeth that last longer (when compared to other methods).

Professional Teeth Whitening Cost 2019:  $650

Professional, in-office teeth whitening can range from $350 – $1000. That is much more expensive than at home options which can be under $100. However, as mentioned above, the professional options can provide you with whiter teeth and last longer than at home options.

How much professional teeth whitening costs you will largely depend on how the type of treatment used (ie. are lasers involved or not), where in the country you live and the experience level of your dentist.

Because this is a purely cosmetic procedure, dental insurance will not cover teeth whitening.

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