Cost Of Dental Implants In Iowa

Dental implants are a great health investment. Dental implants come with a lot of benefits. 

First and most noticeable is that it restores your smile and confidence. Another benefit it comes with is that it restores your ability to chew. 

However, it also has its own downsides. One real downside of dental implants is how much they cost. 

The costs of dental implants will differ depending on many factors. The cost of dental implants varies state-to-state. So, what is the cost of dental implants in Iowa?

Today, we will share with you how much exactly a dental implant costs in the state of Iowa. 

Cost Of Dental Implants In Iowa

To give you a rough estimate, the cost of dental implants in Iowa averagely costs range from $4,230 to $5,030. But the costs of a dental implant in Iowa may be either lower or higher than that. 

The low-end costs of dental implants may cost somewhere from at least $1,000 to over $4,000. And the high-end costs of dental implants may cost from $5,200 to $6,000. 

Furthermore, the costs of dental implants in Iowa differ from city to city. Let us look at the prices of dental implants in the top 10 most populated cities in Iowa. 

Dental Implant Costs In 10 Iowa Cities

Here we see the costs of dental implants in the ten most populated cities of Iowa. 

CityCost Of A Single Implant
Cedar Falls$4,460 – $4,960
Dubuque$4,460 – $4,960
Cedar Rapids$4,670 – $5,200
Marion$4,460 – $4,960
Des Moines$4,780 – $4,960
Council Bluffs$4,230 – $4,950
Bettendorf$4,670 – $5,200
Iowa City$4,670 – $5,200
Ankeny$5,030 – $5,600
Ames$5,030 – $5,600

As you can see, the cost is higher in certain cities, particularly Ankeny and Ames. Therefore, it may be beneficial to do your research and get your dental implants done in a cheaper city.

Next up, we take a look at how much dental implants costs in Iowa compared to the national average.

Dental Implants Costs In Iowa Compared To The National Average

Let us see how much dental implants cost in the whole country. The national average of having a dental implant ranges between $1,000 to $3,000 if it is a single implant. 

Since the average cost of dental implants in Iowa ranges from $4,230 to $5,030, getting a dental implant in Iowa is more expensive than the national average. Dental implant operations are $2,030 more expensive in Iowa compared to the national average. 

Let us take a look at the other factors that affect the costs of dental implants in Iowa. 

What Other Factors Affect The Costs Of Dental Implants In Iowa?

A dental implant operation can even cost more in Iowa if you need more than just a single dental implant. There may be additional procedures such as bone grafts, tooth extractions, and more in some cases. 

For example, additional procedures such as x rays will add up to the total costs of the dental; implant procedure.

Another thing that can increase the costs are if you need additional procedures in order to get an implant. This includes things such as bone graft and tooth extractions.

The type of implants you get (ie. All-On-4, Mini Implants) and the materials they are made of will also have a big impact on how much you pay.

There are a few ways to help pay for dental implants if you need assistance. For instance, you can finance your dental implants if you cannot pay upfront. Or you can try insurance if your insurance provides coverage for your dental implants. Though, most do not.

Another option is getting some coverage through a dental discount plan.

To learn more about how much implants cost, what factors affect the costs, and some advice on how to save and pay for implants, check out this article on Dental Implant Costs Near Me.