Cost Of Dental Implants In Alabama

Cost Of Dental Implants In Alabama 

If you need to replace a missing tooth or teeth, dental implants are generally the best option. The big downside to them is that they can be expensive. Getting implants can cost you thousands of dollars for the operation – even just for one tooth. 

However, even though the process can be very expensive, it is still a worthwhile health investment. They are a nearly permanent option that will look and work just like a real tooth.

When it comes to the price of an implant, one thing that’s a factor into how much you’ll pay is where you live. The costs of dental implants vary from state to state. And they can even vary based on where within a state you live.

Today, we will share with you how much exactly a dental implant costs in the state of Alabama. 

Cost Of Dental Implants In Alabama 

To give you a rough estimate, the cost of dental implants in Alabama cost around $4,000. But the costs of a dental implant in the state may be either lower or higher than that.

The low-end costs of dental implants may cost somewhere from at least 1,600 to $3,650. At the high end, you might be looking at costs  $5,000 or more. 

Let’s talk more about this in detail below. 

For instance, the costs of dental implants in Alabama differ from city to city. Let us look at the costs of dental implants in the top 10 most populated cities in Alabama

Dental Implant Costs In 10 Alabama  Cities

Here we see the costs of dental implants in the ten of the most populated cities of Alabama. 

CityCost Of A Single Implant
Montgomery$4,000 – $4,740
Birmingham$3,870 – $4,970
Mobile$3,870 – $4,970
Madison$4,000 – $4,740
Tuscaloosa$4,000 – $4,740
Auburn$3,650 – $4,150
Dothan$3,650 – $4,150
Enterprise$3,650 – $4,150
Daphne$3,870 – $4,970
Fairhope $3,870 – $4,970

As you can see, although many of these cities have similar ranges, there are a few with more affordable pricing by a few hundreds of dollars. So, it can pay off to do a bit of research. You might save some money by getting your procedure done in a different city than the one where you live.

Next up, let’s compare dental implants costs in Alabama compared to the national average.

Dental Implants Costs In Alabama Compared To The National Average

Let us see how much dental implants cost in the whole country. The national average of having a dental implant ranges between $1,000 to $3,000 for a single implant. But that cost is just for the implant itself. It doesn’t include the costs for the dentists time and other things you’ll need to get an implant.

The real average cost tends to be closer to $5,000 for a single implant by the time all is said and done.

Since the average cost of dental implants in Alabama is $4,000, getting a dental implant in Alabama is less expensive than the national average. 

Let us take a look at the other factors that affect the costs of dental implants in Alabama. 

What Other Factors Affect The Costs Of Dental Implants In Alabama 

A dental implant operation in Alabama can hike in price if you need more than just a single dental implant. There may be additional procedures such as bone grafts, tooth extractions, and more in some cases. 

For instance, a mini dental implant only costs $800. And who will do the surgery also affects how much the dental implant operation will cost. The materials your implants are made of will also affect how much you pay as will the type of implant you get (ie. All-On-4, Mini Implants).

Additionally, the longer you wait, the more your tooth or teeth will deteriorate. This will cause your dental implant operation to require those additional procedures, and become even more expensive. That is why it is best to schedule your dental implants as soon as possible. 

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