The Breakthrough Toothpaste Ingredient in 2017 is… Glass?!

You wouldn’t think there could be much innovation in toothpaste but you’d apparently be wrong. This new product is going to make toothpaste better and it’s coming to the US in 2017. So what is this new ingredient? It’s bioactive glass. Using a toothpaste with bioactive glass can help significantly reduce tooth decay and also treat tooth sensitivity.

Key Takeaways:

  • BioMin Technologies introduced the first toothpaste containing bioactive glass materials
  • The bioactive glass materials were developed by a research team led by Prof. Robert Hill at Queen Mary and were launched in the U.K. in April last year.
  • The BioMin toothpaste ingredient contains elements found naturally in the body including calcium, phosphorus, sodium and silica.

The slow release of the calcium and phosphorus ions from BioMin is more effective in replacing lost mineral from tooth surfaces than via conventional toothpastes, thus ensuring and enhancing the natural self-repair of the tooth surface.”