Is This a Better Option Than Dental Floss?

In a recent interview Dr. James G. Kouzoukian highlighted the need of using interdental brushes instead of or in addition to flossing. This is particularly true for patients with periodontal disease and prosthetic dental work. Prevention of damage to the teeth and gums is better than restoring and repairing it. Therefore, Dr. Kouzoukian generally educates his patients in the use of interdental brushes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most patients develop problems, including periodontal disease, and have a number of teeth with crowns, bridges or dentures. This is largely due to poor oral health habits.
  • Patients and dentists should try a number of interdental cleaning tools to determine which ones are most effective.
  • Dental practitioners play a major role in the prevention of dental related disease and it is the most important thing they can help patients with.

“For patients with perfect teeth and gingivae, floss should still be sufficient to maintain their dental status.”