Augmented Reality – Coming to a Cosmetic Dentist’s Office Near You?

Augmented reality combines virtual reality with the real world.

It’s used a lot for games but has some more serious world applications too.

The military uses it to help soldiers make repairs in the field and provide Heads-Up-Display for fighter pilots.

The tourism industry uses it to present facts and figures to tourists as they walk through historic sites.

And can you imagine watching football now without seeing the yellow first down line marked on the field? Yep, that’s an example of augmented reality.

Now, a Swiss startup, is looking to bring augmented reality to a cosmetic dentist near you!

The company, Kapanu, collaborated with Disney Research to create an augmented reality engine that can be used in the medical field. And it’s first application is for cosmetic dentistry.

Many cosmetic dentists already have the capability to take a 3D scan of your mouth. Kapanu can match that scan with their augmented reality system.

The result gives you a way to see exactly what your improved smile will look like after a cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Yep, we know, pretty cool!

But wait, it gets even better!

The augmented reality software gives you the ability to tweak your look live on the spot.

Want to see what it’ll look like if your teeth are closer together? Or if you change the shape of some teeth a bit more? Want to adjust the shade of white a little more?

You can do all those things with Kapanu’s augmented reality software.

And once you get things looking just the way you want, the model can be sent off to a lab to manufacture your replacement teeth.

Here’s a video that shows you how this all works…


Smile, you’re in augmented reality dentistry