What Is a Partial Denture?

If you’re planning on getting dentures, then you’ve probably heard the term “partial dentures.” But maybe you’re still a little bit unclear on what they really are. In this article we look at what is a partial denture, why you may need them and other helpful info. 

What Is a Partial Denture?

Partial dentures are basically removable fake teeth. However, they still look completely natural. They can replace a single tooth or several missing teeth.

Unlike full dentures, though, they do not replace the entire upper or lower set of teeth.

Partial dentures are a great option for replacing missing teeth. They are less expensive than many of the alternatives (such as implants). And getting them is also less invasive than implants or other options. 

Usually, partial dentures are made from a combination of different metal and acrylic materials. The materials used are strong enough to handle things like chewing and talking.

Why Get Partial Dentures?

So, why would you need partial dentures? 

These dentures are created for those who are missing one or more teeth. The dentures prevent the other teeth from shifting in the mouth. (They will do this as a way to compensate for the gap in your bite.) 

Some people also experience a shrinking on the soft tissues in their mouth and the supporting bone near the missing teeth. When this happens, it may cause an alteration in your physical appearance. Dentures can help prevent this from happening.

Gaps in between teeth can also cause problems with other teeth. With a partial denture, your facial muscles, gums, jawbones, etc. are kept active and engaged. 

And, also quite important, they can bring a lot of confidence to those who have them. 

Having missing teeth can be embarrassing. Some don’t even want to smile or talk because they don’t want others to see their missing teeth. Wearing dentures can help them feel better about their appearance and be more confident.

Maintaining Partial Dentures

Partial dentures require a bit of maintenance. They need daily cleaning to keep your gums healthy and keep the dentures looking great. This is really no different than how to care for your regular teeth though. 

Costs of Dentures

As for the costs, it varies greatly depending on your unique dental needs. Whatever the cost, rest assured they are more affordable and cost effective than most alternatives. You can get an idea of average pricing for partial dentures here

Living With Partial Dentures

With partial dentures your mouth and teeth can function normally. They will function very much like your natural teeth. It will just take a little bit of time to get used to your partial dentures. 

Normally, dentists will ask you to start with soft foods when you first get your partial dentures. As you get used to them, you’ll be able to enjoy the more solid foods you love. 

That said, you need to avoid hard and sticky foods. These are not good for the longevity of your partial dentures.  

One more thing to keep in mind is to remove your partial dentures before you sleep. Sleeping with partial dentures is not recommended by dentists for various reasons. 

One of the main ones is that some people tend to clench their teeth in their sleep. And the pressure from clenching can damage your partial dentures and your natural teeth.

Cleaning Partial Dentures

As for cleaning, you’ll need to take your partial dentures out and clean them outside your mouth. This will help ensure that there are no food particles under your dentures. 

Of course, you’ll need to maintain proper oral hygiene to take care of your teeth and your partial dentures. This will help your mouth stay healthy for a long time to come.