The Cost Of Dental Implants In Arizona

The Cost of Dental Implants in Arizona

If you live in Arizona and are considering dental implants, you probably want to know more about the cost of dental implants in the Grand Canyon State.

A dental implant operation can get very expensive, even if only for a single tooth. 

And the more teeth you need to replace, the more expensive it gets. In fact, there are a multitude of factors that affect the implant costs.

And one factor is the variation in costs from state-to-state. 

Today, we will share with you how much exactly a dental implant costs in the state of Arizona. 

Cost Of Dental Implants In Arizona 

To provide you a rough estimate, dental implants in Arizona costs $5,250, on average. However, the costs can still vary within this state quite a bit. 

The low-end costs of dental implants may cost at least $3,500. And the high-end costs of dental implants may cost $6,100 or more. 

Let’s discuss more on what causes this cost to fluctuate in more detail. First, where you live in the state will affect how much implants cost. 

Dental Implant Costs In 6 Top Arizona Cities

To see how location can affect the price, here is a list for 6 of the largest populated cities in Arizona and the average cost of implants in each.

Here we see the costs of dental implants in different cities of Arizona:

CityCost Of A Single Implant
Yuma$5,250 – $6,150
Phoenix$5,250 – $6,150
Chandler$5,250 – $6,150
Glendale$5,250 – $6,150
Mesa$5,250 – $6,150
Tempe$5,250 – $6,150

As you can see, implants pretty much cost about the same, on average, no matter where in Arizona you live. How do these costs compare to the national average?

Dental Implant Costs In Arizona Compared To The National Average

The national average cost of a single dental implant you’ll often see quoted ranges between $1,000 to $3,000. However, that cost doesn’t really tell the whole story. It’s the cost of the implant itself – without any of the dentist’s time or other costs factored in.

And on one ever gets just the implant and nothing else with it!

So, with that said, the average costs of dental implants in Arizona are right around the national average for what an implant procedure costs.

So what are the other factors that affect the costs of dental implants in Arizona?

Other Factors That Affect The Cost of Implants in Arizona

Besides the factors mentioned above, there are other things that impact the cost of your implants.

One factor is the place in your mouth the implant(s) will go. Implants in the very front of your mouth or those on the back lower jaw may cost more.

A second factor is the materials your implant dentist uses. You can definitely save money by requesting lower quality materials. But these cheaper materials tend to not last as long as the better quality ones. While they may save you money in the short term, you may end up paying more in the longer term because you’ll have to replace them sooner.

Also, the cheaper materials will not look like your real teeth. With better quality materials, most people won’t be able to tell you have fake teeth.

The type of implants you need are another big factor in the cost. Mini implants tend to have the lowest costs. But there are also All-On-4 and Same Day Implants as well as the “standard” type.

Another factor worth mentioning is how many implants you need. Obviously, the more implants you need, the higher the costs will be since you’ll have to get more implants. Also, when you need more than one implant, there’s a higher chance you’ll need additional procedures such as bone grafts, tooth extractions, etc. These all add to your overall costs.

For instance, a full mouth dental implant operation may cost you $22,000 in Arizona. Other operations such as bone grafting and CBCT scans will add up to the overall cost. 

To learn more about how much implants costs, what factors affect the costs and some advice on how to save and pay for implants, check out this article on Dental Implant Costs Near Me.