How The Medications You’re Taking Can Affect Getting Dental Implants

You may not think so, but it’s very important to discuss medications with your implant dentist. This includes thinks like tobacco and herbal supplements in addition to “traditional” medications.

Getting a dental implant may seem simple and straightforward, but it is a rather involved procedure. And in order for your dentist to do the best job possible for you, they need to understand your overall health, including medications you’re taking.

Key Takeaways:

  • In order to heal properly after getting an implant, new bone has to form around the implant. This secures it in place. There are certain drugs that may interfere with this process.
  • Getting dental implant is a type of surgery and some bleeding will occur. There are a number of medications and supplements that result in increased bleeding during routine surgery like this. If you’re taking one of these, your dentist needs to be aware of it.
  • Don’t be offended if your implant dentist asks you about medications. Rather take it as a very good sign that you are in good hands.

“Discussing your use of medications and other substances with your implant dentist is one way to help ensure the process is as successful and simple as possible.”