A brave soul in China became the first person ever to have implants placed by a robot.

While humans were present and supervised things, they did not lay a finger on the robot OR patient during the surgery.

And, by all accounts the surgery went off without a hitch.

The robot surgically implanted 2 implants in the patient’s mouth. Both implants were fitted within the standard 0.2 – 0.3mm margin of error required for this implant procedure.

Before the surgery began, the robot was oriented to the patient’s head and mouth. Next, researchers programmed the robot with commands it followed to perform its duty. The procedure to place these two 3D printed teeth lasted about an hour.

If you think this sounds like the stuff of sci-fi, it is. But it’s likely coming to a cosmetic dentist’s office near you sooner than you think.

Dentists have increasingly been using robotics to help perform procedures such as root canals and some orthodontic procedures. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration approved Yomi – a robotic system designed to help cosmetic dentists perform dental implant procedures.

It’s one thing to have a robot assisting a dentist. It’s completely another thing, as was the case in China, to have the robot perform the whole enchilada.

And cosmetic dentists in China could use the help quite frankly. It’s estimated around 400 million people in China need dental implants. Yet only about 1 million of the procedures are done each year. Having autonomous robots will go a long way to making up for the dentist shortage there.

If you’d like to see this dentist robot in action, check out the video below…

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  1. Jeff Sullivan

    I wouldn’t have a problem with a robot doing implants . I wwould even consent to filming the procedure, to use as promotional or educational uses. Al I would ask in return is a break on the cost.

  2. Harold Heckman

    I also would have no problem with this procedure.Would appeciate help wirh the cost,also.I would have this done,anything for relief from mouth pain.

  3. Tara Kane

    Yes. All of my teeth are breaking off the VA never completed my dental work after retiring from the Army. I was only medications that gave me dry mouth I have now ground my teeth what few I have left down and recently broke a front tooth I’m in desperate need and a disabled veteran pleading for help

  4. Jennifer

    I have worked in the dental field for 25 years, and would LOVE to have implants performed on myself by an autonomous dentist! I live in the U.S., but would definitely take a trip to China to have this procedure! Absolutely AMAZING!!

  5. Theresa lambert

    I would not care as long as it did not hurt..

  6. Caroline Sweet

    I have had several surgeries that were performed robotically. This would be no different. So, yes I would consent to the procedure.

  7. Beth

    I volentter to be a. human “lab rat”/guinea pig” you may also film my experience with other Drs to learn from. Or a public viewing of before/after videos or pictures.

  8. Travis Stewart

    Please, I would love to have this done. And would be a very vocal advocate for life even if it doesn’t turn out perfect. I can’t afford new ones. I had perfect teeth and dope ruined them. Now I’ve been clean for some time but my teeth are breaking little by little. Please help.

  9. Rebecca Phillips

    Yes i can see that it’s something i would do to have my smile back and my teeth fixed