Let’s say you’re missing some teeth, but you don’t have the extra $10,000 to $100,000 for dental implants just lying around.

What are your options you ask?  Well, dentures is one of the more popular options for replacing missing teeth.

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and they also come at a much lower price tag than dental implants.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Whether you want full or partial dentures, the cost is going to be pretty much the same.

Cost of Dentures: $500 – $5,000 per arch

Note that the cost above is per arch. That means if you need dentures on both the top and bottom of your mouth, the cost will be double that (ie. $1,000 – $10,000).

Now we understand hat is kind of a big price range. So to narrow the gap a bit, a good range you can figure on actually paying (based on what most people spend on dentures) is somewhere in the $1000 – $1500 per arch range.  You can find them cheaper, but in most cases the look will be what you pay for – cheap – and the cheaper material can also make them more susceptible to breaking, cracking, etc.

Oh yeah, you have to have teeth removed so the denture arches will fit – add that procedure to the cost.

The Hidden Costs of Dentures

While dentures do cost a lot less than dental implants, there are some “hidden” costs to them you should keep in mind.

Replacement costs

Because dentures are removable and typically not as well made as implants, it’s more likely they’ll have to be replaced at some point.

Social costs

Again, because they are removable, it’s quite possible that dentures may fall out at just the wrong moment causing an awkward or embarrassing situation.

Inconvenience Costs

There’s also the inconvenience factor that dentures need to be removed and cleaned on a regular basis which can kind of be a drag.

That all said, dentures are an excellent and affordable option to replace missing teeth. If you’re looking for dentists in your area that provide dentures, here’s a good place to start looking for them.

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  1. Pat Morell

    Need some upper teeth pulled and an upper denture made

  2. Audrey K. Vola

    I need bollom teeth, mine broke. Does the medical card cover it?

  3. Darren

    Need partial dentures top and bottom

  4. Juanita Redden

    Needing a new pair of dentures. Full on top partial on bottom. Can’t afford them but I truly need a pair.

  5. Stephanie Walters

    I got extremely sick about 5-6 years ago and almost died several times. 5 heart attacks back to back. Potassium kept bottoming out. Just tons of things started happy to me. Well then alllll of my teeth started breaking off and falling out. I had zero teeth. Finally was able to get me a super cheap pair of top dentures but they are horrible. I’ve love 70lbs+ be cause I have no bottom teeth. Can’t afford them or find anyouro fit them right on me. I desperately need your help. I’m only 42 years. I’m so humiliated. I don’t go out w friends anymore or anything but I have so many more Heath issues. My hair falls out in clumps. I just need need teeth so bad for my confidence. Plzzzzz I’m begging you to please help me. This is humiliating and also the worse part is always being hungry and can’t eat. Angry 😭 I’d be soooo great full!!!

    1. Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me Team Listing Owner

      Very sorry to hear about your situation Stephanie. You may be able to qualify for help from a charity or by getting a grant. Go to this article and scroll down to the “Ask a Charity For Help” and “Get a Grant” sections. Check out the links there and try contacting some of them to see if you qualify for help.