How Much Do Denture Implants Cost?

Denture implants, or fixed implant dentures are for patients who require a full set of teeth after losing them for serious dental conditions like gum disease.

They are non-removable dentures that are screwed into the mouth and don’t come out – no soaking. The offer the ability to talk and eat normally, feel much more like natural teeth and offer patients a full set of natural looking teeth to restore confidence.

Sounds great, but how much do they cost? Expect to pay an anywhere from $20,000 to $35,000, depending on your cosmetic dentists and materials used.

That is a huge chunk of change, but considering a complete mouth of dental implants can run awards of $90,000, it might be a better option for you.

However, to make things more palatable, many cosmetic dentists offer payment plans and/or affordable financing options for denture implants. There are more material options available now that can also impact the cost.

Also, more insurance plans are starting to cover part of the cost of denture implants because they understand the cost benefit of them. So be sure to check with your dental insurance company to see if they’ll pick up part of the tab.

The huge range of prices of denture implants above is like the difference, cost-wise, between buying a Toyota and a Tesla. But when it comes to denture implants, this range reflects the difference in price due to the condition of your mouth, how many implants you need, the materials used, where you live and the experience level of your cosmetic dentist.