Dental implants are a good option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth, providing a safe, often permanent solution to their oral health.

So, how much do dental implants cost? 

Average Dental Implant Cost Per Tooth:  $1,500 to $3,000+

Average Cost Range for a Bridge or Full Set of Dental Implants: $16,000 up to $45,000+

Yes, we’re serious.

Dental Implant Cost Factors

  • The type of dental implant(s) inserted into your jawbone (there are different materials used to make implants).
  • The restoration or crown (tooth implant)
  • The abutment (part that’s implanted into your jaw bone that connects the tooth).
  • The procedure (insertion into your jawbone with anesthesia, recovery and follow ups).
  • The dentist (experience and whether or not they’re using newer technology).
  • Type of dentist office (a host of new discount implant centers are popping up offering cheaper services).

The factors above will determine the cost of dental implants for you.

Typically, you’ll pay lower costs at the national dental chains who often run dental implant cost specials and or dental implant plans as a loss leader to gain new customers who they hope to keep for life. 

The higher price range is most often an experience cosmetic oral surgeon with years of experience.

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  1. Darla Shirey

    I’m in dire need of teeth…but have 2 have the rest of what I do have extracted
    Have Humana as ins
    With my medicare/medicaid

  2. Laura Riley

    I am totally disabled and I had a very bad accident and then dentist he had went and pulled out the whole top of my mouth he said that he was going to take and tell me that I should take a temporary partial so I can eat it was a horrible horrible experience and then he was fired I had went back but he didn’t do anything except keep cleaning my teeth and I asked him why he was not doing anything about getting the permanent one back Medicare has already paid for me and now 6 years later after he went and kept on shaving it now it’s not even staying in my mouth it keeps falling down I am so imbarrassed to take and get out in public now my bottom teeth are also broken because I have had a bad accident and then I had to go on medication for the severe pain and edema and also 8 other surgeries as well I have had great teeth in my life until the accident which I had to go on disability because of my injuries and immune system I have been talking to other dental places and they are amazed at what he did to me there’s no way possible for me to get dentures now because he shaved my mouth down so bad I have had many that say that I can get permanent dental implants but I don’t have 4,000 per tooth I only get. 11,000 a year not including my rent or anything else that I have to have is there a way that I can get some one to take and do something for me if I get a letter from my dr to include my problems with the only 4 teeth that are going to be gone very soon I am so very very sad that I have to look like this because of his mistakes and he was not even qualified for this type of problem obviously he had so many complaints that he was let go and here I am still trying to get help please let me know what you think that I will be able to do it is very hard for me to eat anything I am losing weight because of it and I am only 52 years old

  3. Mike Guilas

    Why is it dental implant is so expensive all you have to do is put a screw into your gum to hold the dentures.You can buy Set of dentures for $15 the titanium screw is $5 each for the best quality and anesthesia is $10. There is only one word can describe this dental implant pricing the word is RIDICULOUS. You should be ashame of yourself my dentist friends your price is so high, so high that you almost touch the sky.

  4. Kelly Minor

    I have been ashamed and embarrassed of my teeth for many years. I’m hoping with all the new financial options I will get some help.