Gum Disease. Yep, it’s about as pleasant as it sounds (we’ll spare you the photos of swollen and bleeding gums. You’re welcome).

Whether calling it Periondontal Disease makes it sound better depends on your point of view.

Either way, if you have diseased gums, you need to do something about it. Gum disease can just describe simple gum inflammation. Or it can be much more serious with major damage to your gums and other supporting structures.

Because of the wide range in the severity of periodontal disease, it’s hard to pin down an average cost for periodontal treatment.

Periodontal Treatment Cost:  $150 – $5000

The range of prices for periodontal treatment can start as low as $75 for basic cleaning and go up to $10,000 or more for full mouth treatment.

To help you get a better sense of costs, let’s look at the costs of some common periodontal treatments.

Basic treatment for gingivitis is relatively inexpensive costing around $100 or so.

Periodontal scaling and root planing (which is a deep cleaning) will typically cost around $200 per quadrant.

Traditional laser periodontal treatment will average around $325 per session.

LANAP® which is a more advanced form of laser treatment will typically cost about $1000 per quadrant.

If there has been extensive damage to your mouth and the treatment will require removing and/or replacing teeth using bridges or implants, then you can see costs spike upward toward the $10,000 or more range.

How much you pay for periodontal treatment depends largely on the severity of your situation, what treatment is performed, where in the country you live and the experience level of the dentist/periodontist.

Insurance may cover at least part of your periodontal treatment. So if you have dental coverage, be sure to reach out to your insurance company to see if you can sweet talk them into covering part or all of your treatment.

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