what is orthodontics As if the pre-teen and teen years aren’t awkward enough. Wanting to add braces to the mix will surely earn you at least some eye rolls and shade thrown in your direction. (Deep down they really do appreciate you!)

But braces are small, short-term sacrifice to make which can ensure a lifetime of perfectly straight chompers. And straight teeth are highly desirable. In fact, more adults are using orthodontic solutions like braces and clear aligners (ie. Invisalign) to get their crooked teeth standing at attention.

Straight teeth and orthodontic care do come at a steep price though. Here’s an overview of orthodontist prices…

Average Orthodontist Prices in 2019:  $5000

The range of prices for an orthodontist to treat you or your child with braces runs from $3000 to $10,000.

What affects how much you’ll end up paying?

For starters, the type of braces you get.

Traditional metal braces are on the lower end of the cost range and will run somewhere between $3000 and $7000.

Ceramic braces are little more expensive than metal braces. They are similar in size and shape to metal braces. The difference is they come in clear or tooth colored styles that are less noticeable than metal braces. Choosing ceramic braces can run you anywhere from $100 – $1000 more than metal braces.

More expensive still are lingual braces. These are similar to metal braces except they are placed on the inside of the teeth (traditional braces are placed on the outside). Lingual braces can cost between $7500 – $10,000.

The region of the country where you live as well as the skill level of the orthodontist you use will affect the price of braces.

If you’re getting braces for your child, you may be in luck with dental insurance. While you likely won’t get the full price of braces covered, many dental plans do offer some orthodontic coverage (and if it doesn’t you may be able to buy orthodontic coverage). Usually this kind of coverage will have limits – either a percentage of the cost they’ll cover and/or a lifetime limit. Common limits are 50% coverage and a $1500 lifetime maximum (can be per child or per family so be sure to check).

If you’re an adult, we hate to burst your bubble, but the chances of getting braces covered by insurance is pretty low.

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