The Cost Of Dental Implants In Arizona

Do Dental Implants Last Forever?

Dental implants can be quite useful if you have lost a permanent tooth or a number of them. Not only does it help in restoring your beautiful smile, it also helps in restoring function. 

It brings full function back to our jaws, making it easier to chew food properly. In return, our stomachs can properly digest what we’re eating and distribute the nutrients properly. This means that dental implants can impact our overall health. 

Some dental implants can last for a long time, while some are not permanent. Let’s discuss it below. 

Do Dental Implants Last Forever?

The thing about dental implants is that they were created to last long, if not permanently. 

And that can be possible if you take care of your implants like how you would normally do with your natural teeth. You can make your dental implant last with proper hygiene practices. This includes the standard care regimen of brushing and flossing your implants just as you do your normal teeth.  

It is also recommended to regularly schedule a dental check-up every 6 months to maintain good dental health for both your implants and real teeth. 

Why Do Implants Last So Long?

During the first dental implant operation, a titanium or a zirconia screw is placed as a tooth root. This is the part that’s the actual implant part of the procedure.

Titanium and zirconia easily fuses to the bone. The fusion of the screw and the jawbone is called osseointegration. 

The osseointegration is what makes implants permanent. After a few weeks or months, once the osseointegration is complete, a secondary operation occurs. 

The secondary operation includes the placing of the abutment. This is the bridge between the artificial tooth and the artificial tooth itself. Although the screw, or implant is permanent, the artificial tooth is replaceable. 

The artificial tooth has to be replaced every 10 to 20 years on average. 

Location Matters For Dental Implant Longevity

Where the dental implant is placed also plays a role in how long a dental implant will wear out. 

Dental implants placed in the rear of the mouth wear out more quickly. That is because teeth in the rear of the mouth are used more in chewing than the ones in the front. 

Other Factor The Affect How Long Implants Last

However, dental implants may not last forever depending on your health. If you have a medical condition such as diabetes or cancer, there is a chance that your dental implant may not last. 

Another thing that may affect your dental implants negatively is if they are not taken care of properly or you have bad oral hygiene that can lead to gum disease. 

As we have said earlier, a simple way to take care of your teeth and implants is through brushing and flossing them on a regular basis. 

Much like with regular dental implants, mini dental implants show that they can last too. That is according to a study made in 2019. 

At the end of the day, dental implants are made to last as long as they are taken care of properly.