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Dental Implants Prices – 9 Cost Factors You Should Know

Looking for dental implants prices?  Here we go!

A single dental implant can cost somewhere in the range of $1000 to $3000.

Need a full set of implants? That can set you back anywhere from $24,000 to $100,000.

That’s kind of like the difference between a Ford and a Ferrari.

Why does dental implant pricing vary so much?

Well, there are a slew of factors that go into dental implants prices. In this article we’ll look at 9 of the biggies.

1. Preliminary work

Your cosmetic dentist is going to have to get lay of the land, so to speak, of your mouth before doing any work. That may involve things like x-rays or CT scans. The types of scans needed and how many are needed will affect pricing.

2. The Condition of Your Mouth

Do you have to get a tooth or teeth yanked out before getting implants? If so, that’ll add to the cost.

Also, there are times when the jawbone is too weak to support an implant. When that happens you may need a bone graft before getting dental implants. This is another surgery and additional cost.

3. Materials Used

We’re not going to get into a PhD level discussion here about the types of materials that can go into a dental implant. For now, just understand there are different materials that can be used to make an implant. Each has their own plusses and minuses. And each has costs that vary and will affect dental implant pricing.

4. How Many Implants are Needed

We know… this one’s kind of obvious. But it is a big factor affecting the cost of dental implants so we need to include it here.

5. Location of the Implant

Some dentists charge more to place implants in the back lower jaw because it’s a hard spot to get to.

You may also pay more for implants in the front of the mouth. These are the implants people can see when you’re talking and smiling so extra time and care may be required for them (and you!) to look their very best.

6. Type and Quality of the Restoration

The restoration is the part of all this that actually looks like a tooth. It attaches to the actual implant(s). There are a number of options here including dentures, bridges and crowns. The type of restoration you use, the material it’s made of, the quality, etc. all factor into dental implant pricing.

7. Where You Live

Areas where the cost of living is higher such as NYC and LA tend to have higher prices than smaller cities such as Omaha or Little Rock.

8. Experience Level of Your Cosmetic Dentist

The more experienced and qualified the cosmetic dentist you use for your dental implant procedure is, in general, the higher the costs are going to be. Also, a cosmetic dentist with a sterling reputation and long history of successes has a very busy practice will likely charge more as well.

9. How Many Professionals Are Involved

As talented as your cosmetic dentist may be, she probably won’t handle every aspect of your implants herself. An anesthesiologist may be needed for the implant surgery. Lab technicians may be needed to manufacture your implants. These professionals – their location, experience level, etc. – also affect dental implant pricing.

There are some other factors that go into dental implants prices. However, the 9 above are the major ones.

With so many things that go into dental implants, you can see why their costs vary so much.

The only way to get a clear picture of what dental implant pricing would be for your situation is to visit one or more cosmetic dentists in your area and get an estimate of the costs.

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