Cost Of Dental Implants In Florida

Cost Of Dental Implants In Florida

Dental implants are about more than just fixing your beauty and appearance. Getting implants can also have a lot of health benefits as well.  

They are important because dental implants bring back the function of chewing by replacing a damaged or missing tooth. And just overall lead to a healthier mouth.

But they can be costly. There are a lot of factors that affect how much a dental implant operation will cost. One of these factors is where you live. 

In this article we look at the cost of dental implants in Florida. We’ll also look at the main factors that will affect how much implants will end up costing you.

To give you a rough estimate, the costs of a single dental implant in Florida tends to range between $5,000 and $7,000. Let’s break things down a bit. 

Cost Of Dental Implants In Florida

The average cost of an implant in Florida is right around $6,000. However, you may end up paying much more or much less than that depending on a number of factors. 

Dental Implant Costs In 11 Florida Cities

Where you live in Florida may have some impact on how much you pay for dental implants. However, the difference isn’t as big as it is in some other states. Here is the average range of implant costs in 11 large cities in the Sunshine State.

Hollywood: $5,400 – $6,700

Ft Lauderdale: $5,400 – $6,700

Hialeah: $5,400 – $6,700

West Palm Beach: $54,00 – $6,700

Tampa: $5,200 – $6,100

Port St Lucie: $5,400 – $6,700

Orlando: $5,200 – $6,100

Oviedo: $5,200 – $6,100

Jacksonville: $5,200 – $6,200

Clermont: $5,200 – $6,100

Gainesville: $4,900 – $5,900

As you can see, there’s not a lot of variation there. However, prices tend to be a little higher in South Florida and a bit lower in the northern parts of the state.

If you need some additional work done such as getting teeth pulled or bone grafting, that can add quite a bit to your cost. With additional “prep” work like that and the need for multiple implants, costs for implants can be between $10,000 and $30,000.

Other Factors That Affect The Cost of Implants in Florida

In addition to where you live, how many implants you need and getting teeth pulled/bone grafting, there are other factors that will affect how much implants will cost you.

One big one is the type of dental implants you get. Some types of implants include All-on-4, Same Day Implants and Mini implants. Mini implants usually have the lowest cost out of all the options.

The materials your implants are made of are another key factor. You can save money by getting implants made out of lower quality materials. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for. These lower quality implants won’t look as much like real teeth and they probably won’t last as long as those made with higher quality materials.

The location the implants go in your mouth is yet another factor. You may end up paying more for implants that are the very front (because they need to look the best) and those in the lower back jaw (because they are harder to reach).

Also the implant dentist you go to plays a role in how much your implants cost. Even within the same city in Florida you may find dentists that are much cheaper or much more expensive than the others. You’ll definitely want to do your research to make sure the dentist you go to is a good fit for your needs.

How To Save On Dental Implants in Florida

There’s no getting around the fact that dental implant prices are high. And, unfortunately, dental insurance (or health insurance) usually will not cover the costs of getting implants. However, there are still some ways you can save.

One is to shop around for your implant dentist. This can save you quite a bit. You can get started with the free search tool here to find some local implant dentists near you in Florida.

Also, see if your dentist will offer a payment plan, financing options or a lower price if you pay cash. They work with patients all the time to help them afford the care they need.

Another option is to look into dental discount plans. These plans can get you some significant discounts on implants and other dental work. Usually it’s about 20% on average, but can get as high as 50% in some cases.

With these plans, you have to go to a dentist that’s in the plan’s network. However, that should still give you some good options. And the savings for implants should more than make up for the cost of joining the club.