Bright Future for Ceramic Implants

Your smile is the first thing people notice and the first impression of you that they carry with them. And ceramic implants are one option to help you get the perfect smile you are looking for.

Ceramic implants have improved in structure and design and are now becoming a viable alternative to metal implants. The cost for metal implants is still lower than the cost for ceramic implants, but the benefits of having a more natural smile may outweigh the cost.

Key Takeaways:

  • Early ceramic implants were mostly made of one ceramic compound such as alumina or zirconia.
  • Starting in the mid-1980s advances in manufacturing and technology led to the development of ceramic composites.
  • To many, accepting zirconia as a restorative material is an easier exercise than recognizing it as an implant and implantable material.

“Metal implants have a very strong background and the cost of manufacturing zirconia is still pretty high. All of the major implant manufacturers (with the exception of Straumann) do not have a ceramic implant on the market, let alone in development. Furthermore, the cost of production and pricing of titanium implants have decreased, making them more accessible to dentists and patients.”