Updated: January 1, 2020

A new dental implant is an ideal option for people who have lost a tooth (or multiple teeth) due to poor oral hygiene, poor nutrition or playing hockey.

When it comes to the average cost of dental implants, there are a few factors that go into it. Like most services it really comes down to time and materials.

For a dental implant there are a few types of materials involved.

  • The dental implant itself which is inserted into your jawbone (this is done under anesthesia during this so you’ll be in your happy place when this happens!).
  • The abutment which is the part that attaches to the implant using a screw.
  • The restoration/crown which is the part that actually looks like a tooth.

The time involved covers the time it takes the cosmetic dentist (and their staff) to perform the surgery and handle the other aspects involved in placing your dental implant.

Average Cost Of Dental Implants Per Tooth:  $2000

Cost Range for a Full Set of Dental Implants: $24,000 – $49,000+

Ouch! That ain’t cheap.

And, also, the $2000 dental implant cost per tooth figure is just for the implant itself. Throw in the cost of an abutment and the restoration/crown and that’s another $2000 on average per tooth. That brings the total for the whole shebang to an average of $4000 for dental implants per tooth in the United States.

However, to make things more palatable, many cosmetic dentists offer payment plans and/or affordable financing options for implants. Also, more insurance plans are starting to cover part of the cost of dental implants because they understand the cost benefit of them. So be sure to check with your dental insurance company to see if they’ll pick up part of the tab.

The huge range of prices of dental implants above is like the difference, cost-wise, between buying a Toyota and a Tesla. But when it comes to dental implants, this range reflects the difference in price due to the condition of your mouth, how many implants you need, the materials used, where you live and the experience level of your cosmetic dentist.

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    Art Corona

    I recently payed a visit to a dentist, I only have 24 remaining teeth and they are not in very good shape we decided that in my case it would be better to remove and replace them with full upper and lower implants. His prices seems high to me can you tell me if you have an office near me i live in Leesburg VA

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