2020 Dental Implant Cost Info

The market for dental implants continues to rise world wide as consumers realize the overall health and cosmetic benefits of the procedure. In fact, it’s being estimated that well over 3 million implants will be sold in the United States alone.

Additionally, an overall success rate of 98% is cited by several well known, reputable sources like WebMD, nothing that with the proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Usually, when something becomes popular, it gets more expensive. And let’s not kid ourselves here, dental implants were already insanely expensive. So while we’re not economists here at CDNM, the last thing we, or dental specialists were expecting was for prices to start decreasing.

But guess what, they are…

Why you ask?

Discount Implant Centers

Chances are you’ve seen a local TV commercial promising cheap dental implants or dentures, same day service, low cost financing, payment plans, the holy grail – you know where we’re going with this.

Discount implant centers are growing and offering their services for dental implants at – wait for it – a discount or cheap – to gain new patients and retain them for future dental services.

How much cheaper? In some cases up to 30%!

In turn, this has forced established cosmetic dentists that specialize in these services to:

  1. Ignore the trend and lose patients and money
  2. Lower their costs to compete

Complicated choice right?

Competition isn’t the only factor impacting dental implant prices. As the industry grows, more time, focus and money are being spent on technologies to support it.

Advances in equipment, materials and procedures have also helped increase efficiencies that are leading to cost savings that are being passed on to consumers in what is becoming a very competitive marketplace.

2020 Dental Implant Pricing Chart

Procedure2019 Cost Range2020 Cost Range
Single Tooth$2,000-$4,000+$1,000-$3,000+
Full Mouth$24,000-$100,000$16,800-$70,000+

Cost ranges will vary depending on the type of materials used and custom vs. pre-fabricated options.

In the end, there’s more competition in the market place, which is lowering prices. We’re not saying you should run out and use the cheapest dental implant dentist or center you can find. But you should take your time to do the research, read reviews and price check your local options!